Under Texas law, a group of individuals that collaborates and collects funds to campaign in support of a ballot measure is required to file as a political action committee (PAC).  Our Fiber 4 Lucas PAC is a grassroots group of Lucas residents dedicated to supporting Prop B. Many of us live in the “internet desert” of Lucas where there is little to no service which makes working from home, completing online homework assignments, or just streaming a movie on Netflix extremely difficult. And that was before the pandemic.  

We have personally researched, investigated, and pleaded with existing providers to extend service to our homes, only to be rejected time and time again. After Prop B was placed on the ballot, we got connected with each other through friends, social media, and other neighbors that understood the dire situation of internet in Lucas and agreed that passing Prop B was the necessary next step to solving this problem. We decided that we wanted to work together to support Prop B and inform our neighbors of this opportunity to bring fast and reliable fiber internet to all of Lucas. We filed the legal forms with the City to become a PAC and we have worked diligently to create materials like our website, brochures, and signs to bring more awareness about Prop B in our community. We are excited to continue spreading the word in the coming weeks before the election!

If you are interested in supporting Fiber 4 Lucas or you have more questions about our PAC, please reach out. We are not hired professionals or campaign experts. We are just neighbors, friends, students, and parents of Lucas that truly understand the need for fast and reliable internet for our families and our city as a whole. We believe passing Prop B is the next step to Lucas’s brighter future with fiber internet!