The City Council and the Technology Committee worked for over 18 months to find the best solution to this problem.


August 2018

The City Council distributes a survey to Lucas residents to determine the level of need for better internet.

November 2018

Based on the survey results, the City Council votes unanimously to
create a Technology Committee to focus on finding possible solutions.


January 2019

The Technology Committee begins meeting regularly to discuss, research, and investigate solutions. The Technology Committee is composed of volunteer Lucas residents with technical expertise and a City Council member to help guide the committee.


February – November 2019

The Technology Committee works to:

    • diagnose the specific areas of Lucas with bad internet with speedtests and data from existing providers like AT&T and Frontier
    • reach out to providers including: Frontier, AT&T, GCEC, Rise Broadband, Big Wave Wireless, Metroplex Communications, Signalnet Broadband, and Denton Internet to explore expanding service in Lucas
    • Learn more about rural funding by attending a broadband committee conference in Washington DC

November 2019

Based on all the data gathered and the refusal of existing providers to expand or update service to all of Lucas, the Technology Committee recommends that the City Council move forward with a feasibility study to assess a city-run fiber network.


February 2020

The City Council unanimously approves the hiring of Magellan Consulting Group to conduct a broadband network design and financial model to determine the feasibility of a city-run fiber network.


April-June 2020

The Technology Committee and City Council members attend meetings with Magellan to provide information and feedback to Magellan for the feasibility study.


July 2020

Magellan presents the feasibility study to the City Council showing that a city-run fiber network is feasible and the optimum model is 55% of Lucas subscribing to the city-run network and paying $115 per month.


Magellan Feasibility Study


August 2020

In a 4 to 3 vote, the City Council approves the bond election for Proposition B to be held on November 3, 2020.


City Council and Technology Committee Minutes