Many residents of Lucas do not have access to reliable high-speed internet.

2019 Lucas Speedtest Survey, Magellan Study, p. 16

  • The FCC’s minimum standard for broadband is 25 Mbps. In 2019, a representative sample of over 500 Lucas households completed an internet speedtest survey. The results show Lucas’s alarming need for fast, reliable internet. Also, the current standard of 25 Mbps is now being questioned and it is argued that the new standard should be 100 Mbps. (FCC 20-112)
  • Even before the pandemic, residents struggled to work from home, stream media, complete school assignments, communicate online and many other basic internet functions without access to reliable high-speed service.
  • Existing providers like AT&T or Frontier have refused to expand or update their high-speed internet offerings because our large lot sizes make it unprofitable.
  • Wireless and satellite providers are not long-term solutions and suffer from radio interference, degradation in inclement weather, and limited capacity.