Proposition B allows Lucas to create a municipal fiber utility system to provide its residents with fast and reliable internet access.

Here’s what you will see on the November 3rd ballot:

Proposition B: The issuance of not to exceed $19,190,000 of City of Lucas, Texas general obligation bonds for a fiber optic cable utility system to provide broadband internet service, and the levying of a tax in payment thereof

So what does this mean?

Prop B is an authorization or “pre-qualification” from voters to allow, not require, the City to raise bond money to fund a broadband fiber internet utility. The dollar amount defines a “limit of bond liability” for the taxpayer.

Is this going to raise my property taxes?

  • This project is designed to be paid for ONLY by those who actually take service.
  • The feasibility study concludes that if enough households take service, the project will be self-sustaining.
  • If subscriptions exceed projections, the bonds can be paid off more quickly, or service rates can be lowered!

Why Fiber and not Fixed Wireless or 5G or Satellite?

  • Wireless technologies all suffer from radio interference, degradation in inclement weather, and limited capacity. Although they continue to improve, they will never be an acceptable substitute for a quality wired connection.
  • After careful evaluation, none of these options were deemed a viable long-term solution for Lucas.

Ordinance for Prop B Bond election